Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Primarily Colored

Is anyone else noticing how much color blocking is coming back into season!!?
Well I have, and it's driven me mad with color schemes!! For those of you who didn't pass art or skipped art class; the "primary colors" of the color wheel are the only three colors that you cannot mix any two colors to make, red yellow and blue.
I was so inspired by the primary colors, that I had to make an outfit of it!!
Thus this fun spring attire!! I hope you like it!!
Get inspired by colors this summer!!



  1. cute and smart! such a gem!

    I seriously love this look. And that background is killer!


  2. Awe!! You called me smart!! HA! I thought you would appreciate this photo-op spot! It's great for lighting and for a background but its a street that's right off the Hudson river and sometimes it gets windy down there, makes it hard to get a good hair pic ;)

  3. Great vest! I love the colors in this look and how they pop against that awesome wall!