Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Edgy Prep

Being that I am New to New York requires a new fashion forward style and natually....
a style blog .
So in honor of being new to the city, I tried to dress as though I have been here for years.
I am a huge fan of the "prep" look but I wanted to avoid your cliche, pastel, collar attire.
I did this by obviously using darker colors and adding my  Forever21 spikey necklace (that I use to spice up any dull outfit) and pairing my attire with my combat boots from Target.
I also wanted to give the option of pairing this look with a hat, so I added my feathered hat I found in a vintage costume shop in Hollywood, CA
P.S The combat boots have definitely served me well for walking all over the city, while still trying to be trendy : )
Thanks for viewing my blog!! Stay tuned for my next style!!


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  2. Whit! I am so proud! welcome to this world my friend! We are going to have loads of fun!

    P.S That hat and necklace are totally rocking my world! Along with everything else!


  3. Thanks!! I just miss having fashion friends like you around :) Now we can have play dress up through blogs!! YEAH!!!

  4. UMMMMMMM Im LIVINGGGG for this!!!!!!! so excited to get insiration from your blogs!!!! Love you!! Miss you!!!