Friday, March 2, 2012

Big City, Big Coat

When moving to a big city where your number one source of transportation is your feet and where the temperature can get below zero, FUR can be your new best friend.
Luckily for me on this photo-op day, it was a heat wave for NY, sunny skies with a high of 45.
Now before you animal rights protesters start pulling out the red paint, this is a FAUX FUR coat.
I do not own any real fur.....at least not yet. Just kidding!! 
I love this particular coat, 1. because it was a gift from my mother and 2. because of all the colors it has, it makes it really fun to pair new outfits with it.
I tried pairing my new loafers with this outfit in attempt to be a little more casual and a little less diva, considering I was only walking around the park. But if you wanted to wear this outfit for a special occasion or just a night out on the town, just slip off the flats and pair it with your favorite heels, you'll look fabulous!!

Thanks for checking out my style today!! 
Happy Friday!! The weekend's here Yeah!!



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  2. Gorgeous coat. Gorgeous gal!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments!! Stay tuned for new looks!!

  4. " I don't wear real fur, at least not yet" HA! So true, even if you say your just kidding. I love this look. Your mom did good on the coat!!! Keep it up love!


  5. "A dolla makes me holla!" - Baby Boo Boo