Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hot Red Daisy Dukes

To my LA friends who are enjoying basking in the sunny weather and getting your tan on the beach, just remember that your friend Whitney is still freezing her ass off on the East Coast.
Today was one of those days when I would have given anything for some warm weather, so to make myself feel more like summer, I pulled out one of my favorite summer shorts. 
Normally, this would be an outfit I would wear during the summer, but since the temperature in NY isn't getting above 40, I decided to weather-proof my summer getup and make into a winter/summer outfit. For those of you, who are still bearing cold weather with me, just throw on a warm thermal under a cute shear top you would normally wear in summer. Or pair your favorite summer daisy dukes with some black tights and heels. I promise you'll get some head-turns.

I hope that helps you get some outfits going for the last of the winter days!!


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