Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Orchid Bliss


 Check out this adorable orchid broach I found in a vintage shop in my neighborhood!
Love this ALDO purse because the strap allows you to wear it two ways!!

Scoop Back!
Scoop Front!
 My new favorite ring I found at the BCBG outlet :)
I love shopping the sales rack at Urban Outfitters. I always seem to find some hidden gem when I do. I found this dress stuffed away in the $19.99 sales rack and had to buy it. I love the print on this dress. To me the print resembles orchids, so that's what I'm calling it...orchid print. This dress is so elegant by itself so I added my old jean jacket (Abercrombie & Fitch, circa 2004) to make it a casual attire. This dress can be worn casually during the day and for your evening festivities, just slip off the jean jacket and add some bling for a more formal look (great for a wedding or dinner date). But Wait!! The dress isn't the only gem in this outfit that can be worn two ways!!

I absolutely adore my ALDO quilted chain purse!!
Reason being...
1. It resembles are dear friend CHANEL quilted purse
2. The strap adjusts to over-the-shoulder or under-arm 
3. It only cost me $29
4. Like this fabulous dress, this purse can too be worn casually and to a formal outing
5. It has a few hidden pouches I like to keep my skeletons in ;)

Hope this outfit provides you with some shopping ideas!!